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Frequently Asked Service Questions

Anyone who owns a vehicle understands that a car requires plenty of routine maintenance and repair services. Whether you're behind the wheel of a Chrysler Pacifica, Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Challenger, or Ram 1500, you most likely have questions about how to keep your vehicle running and looking like new. To help answer some of these questions, our Providence Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership has come up with the answers to some of the most frequently asked service questions.

Why Should I Schedule My Vehicle for Regular Service?

It's important to have your vehicle's routine maintenance performed. Regular maintenance not only takes care of the items and parts that are susceptible to wear and tear, but also keeps an eye out for any potential issues or concerns. Some common routine maintenance items include oil changes, brake inspections, tire rotations, battery service, and more.

When Do I Know I Need Service?

Most modern Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram vehicles will alert you when service is needed, mainly with visual or audible alerts. That being said, you should always follow the recommended timeline every vehicle comes with. This service schedule can be found in the owner's manual of your vehicle.

When Should I Get an Oil Change?

Oil changes are mainly recommended between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. Of course, this timeline depends on several things, including the type of vehicle you drive, the types of roads you go on, and how often you drive. If the change oil light comes on or your oil seems too thick, thin, or dirty, you'll want to have it changed sooner.

How Often Should I Check Fluid Levels in My Vehicle?

There are also many other fluids in your vehicle that you should check often. You'll want to make sure that they aren't dirty, too low, or leaking. Some fluids you should check include the coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and more.

When Should I Have My Brakes Checked?

Your car's brake system should be inspected at every oil change. There are multiple pieces to the braking system that require frequent replacement, including the brake rotors, pads, and fluid. If your car shudders or squeals when you apply the brakes, it's time to schedule a brake inspection.

When Should I Get My Tires Rotated?

If you don't change your tires every season, they will need to be rotated at every oil change. Tire rotations switch the position of each tire, allowing every tire to wear at an even rate. This prevents an unbalanced vehicle and lessens the need for more frequent tire purchases.

When Do My Tires Need to Be Replaced?

If you've noticed that your car's tires are damaged, don't hold air like they should, or have a low tire tread, you'll want to have them replaced soon. When tires show any of the signs above, they become more susceptible to blowouts and flat tires.

Why Schedule My Next Service Appointment at Providence Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram?

Here at Providence Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we offer an experienced team of service technicians as well as a fully equipped service center. We're here to help you keep your car, truck, SUV, or van as new as possible and may even have a service special to lower overall repair costs.

Contact Our Service Center with Any Additional Service Questions

If you have any other service questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Providence Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service team. We'd love to help you however we can and are available to discuss your car's repair needs. If you'd like, feel free to schedule your next service appointment with our online service scheduling tool.

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