Tips for staying safe this winter


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We might not see as much snow in Quarryville PA and the surrounding areas as some parts of the state or New England, but we aren't immune to the fluffy precipitation either. Plus, we do have a few fairly cold months where you don't want to be off the road without some help.

With that in mind, we want to make sure our customers are ready and prepared for all snowy and wet conditions winter can throw our way.

Service Center Needs

Our service center can help ensure your car is in tip-top shape for the winter. We'll...

  • Make sure you have fresh wipers to clear away any perception, be it rain, snow, or sleet
  • Mount snow tires if you tend to drive in snowier parts of the state or visit northern New England to go skiing
  • Check your battery to make sure it's healthy and if not we'll order you a new one
  • Get you genuine accessories to better take on the colder months. Popular examples include remote starters, all-weather floor mats, and bike/ski racks

You can schedule a service appointment online and bring your vehicle in this month. Some things you can do at home include checking your tire pressure at the start of the month (properly inflated tires have better traction), topping off fluids, and making sure you have an emergency kit.

Emergency Kit

These are items you keep in the back of your vehicle in case you go off the road or find yourself stranded in a parking lot because your battery might have died.

  • Collapsible shovel and extra scraper
  • Kitty litter or traction strips
  • Jumper cables or battery pack so you can jump yourself
  • Extra flashlights, batteries, and phone charger
  • Matches
  • Blanket from your house
  • Extra coat, gloves, hat, and boots (you can buy some of these items at a thrift store for extra savings)
  • Books and magazines (use these while waiting for roadside assistance instead of draining your phone's battery)
  • High-calorie snacks and Gatorade (Gatorade freezes at a lower temperature than water)
  • An emergency $20 bill

Hopefully you'll never have to use the kit, but if you find yourself in a precarious situation, you'll be glad you had the items at the ready.

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